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  • We just arrived home after the best four days of Safari and in my inbox waited my first ever black and white scans from the @thefindlab - I'm in LOVE😍 
#contax645 #filmisnotdead #illford #thefindlab
  • Happiest Day to my best friend🎉 He is the kindest, strongest, most supportive, disciplined and basically hottest guy I've ever met :) Life is better with you by my side @riaankers😘 #37looksgoodonyou #readyformoreadventures #nyc
  • The past two weeks my entire world changed being the PROUDEST owner of a #contax645 camera!! After shooting my first roll of film, I was immediately hooked and I know my life as a photographer has changed forever. The sound of pressing the shutter and creating each photograph with intention - the best feeling ever!! I know the journey ahead is going to take time, commitment and HARD WORK but already I'm such a more fulfilled artist 📷 
A behind the scene shot of today's magical portrait session with dear friends. Some pretty amazing rolls of film will be going to America tomorrow ✈️
  • "We age not by years, but by stories" | I'm so excited to finally share that Toronto will become home from September. Since @riaankers and I met in 2012 we had the dream of living abroad and after years of BOLD prayers and great leaps of faith we finally received our permanent residency for Canada on my birthday! 📷 @renschemari | #celebrate28 #newadventures #readyformoremagic #contax645
  • After a wedding day, @riaankers and I have the habit of sharing our highlight (and the low, even if it is just tired feet) of the day while driving home. This helps just to put the day into perspective and to remind us why we are doing what we do 📷 
This stationery set created by the talented @janinedeneuillyrice had me on the ground with my camera and completely forget about time - that's why I have an Engineer as assistant ;) These colours, illustrations and FLOWERS 😍 Today more on the #weddingblog | #realwedding #weddinginspiration #romance

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