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  • It took 14 months to have my Optometry degree and South African work experience accredited in Canada, but with a heart bursting of gratitude I finally received acceptance this week into the first set of exams for 2018 🙌🏻
This past year marked a lot of tears, planning around time zones and full time work hours phoning back to South Africa, hoping to get hold of very important and busy people, and persistent (sometimes begging) e-mails. By His grace I was however added into an office here where colleagues became friends and my insecurities as “an emigrant” dissolved seamlessly integrating into the wonderful Canadian culture. I was also continuously reminded the importance of supporting family and community and looking back NOW, I see how perfect God’s plan is and how much higher it is compared to the one I had in mind 💛
“She laughs without fear for the future” so bring on Winter, I can’t wait being full-ass huddled in front of my books with a steaming cup of coffee ☃️☕️ | 
THANK YOU @renschemari for taking these special 📸 with my #contax645 in #nyc
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas🌲
This past weekend we went and cut our tree and spend Sunday decorating our home. Here’s to Christmas season that’s finally here and Olive’s FAVOURITE time of the year - she already tried taking decorations off the tree, but who can resist all the glitter and lights  especially if it resembles a ball right?! 🤩 #countingdownthedays #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear
  • A reminder of what true beauty should look like ✨
  • I can’t imagine living life without a deeply rooted community. This past weekend I attended our @forestviewchurch women’s ministry conference with the theme of ✨shine ✨ 
Even though today is grey and rainy, the week already being over halfway and it’s the last day of November, my heart is still filled with His goodness. There is power in daily claiming His promises, it makes the joy for the journey so much more pure and us mindful that life doesn’t have to be perfect to reflect Him 🙌🏻 | #communityfirst #liveauthentic #ishootfilm
  • Immensely wide views dusted with Gold ✨
#contax645 #thefindlab #ishootfilm #portra400

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